Why You Still Need HTML for Web Design

Some people are under the impression that the days of coding html and setting up CSS are over. But they are mistaken. Unless you only need the most basic functions on your website, developing a mastery of HTML is still essential to the look and function of professional web pages. HTML fluency opens a lot of possibilities and gives you the power to fine tune and customize web applications. With a knowledge of HTML you can diagnose and fix problems as they come.

HTML gives you power: The biggest advantage earned from a knowledge of HTML is the ability to troubleshoot and solve issues as they occur. Whatever website you are working on, everything you see depends on good coding. This code is available to anyone with a click on the f12 key. You can investigate any website you like and perhaps collect features and fine tune them for your own application. HTML is so important that no web designer should be considered serious unless they have at least a basic understanding of it.

HTML is a stepping stone: Once you get comfortable with HTML you will have a much easier time understanding some of the other web programming codes. HTML5, Java, and PHP are just some of the tools that become available to you as your understanding of programming develops.

Profit: If you are pursuing a career in web design you owe it to yourself to develop all the skills you can, to limit your dependence on others. Hiring outside expertise takes up time and money. Some issues can be solved in seconds if you had the knowledge, but you could lose days waiting for someone else to investigate the problem.

Unique style: Being able to finesse existing applications or to create one-of-a-kind features, is an excellent way to make a name for yourself and to grow your reputation as an innovator. HTML is an art when placed in the hands of a master. Plug and play sites look slick and promise the world but they will always be limited in personality and function.

HTML coding is not dead yet, far from it. Yes, there are a lot more WYSIWYG applications available these days, but none of those came to life without a skilled HTML coder on the team. And if you want to make those applications sing, HTML is a critical tool. Developing an understanding of HTML opens so many possibilities and gives you much greater control. Masters of web design in Sydney, Tokyo, or anywhere else still use this simple coding language, and you should too.