What Is An Online Cryptocurrency News App Used For?

Today most of us are very much interested in the crypto world. We used to invest and exchange, buy and sell the different cryptocurrencies. And we use an online crypto news app to make crypto things and crypto-related activities clearer and more understanding. In this way, the online crypto news app works as a helpful guide to crypto investors or crypto users.

People use crypto news apps to keep themselves updated with the latest crypto news to invest in the best crypto after observing and analyzing the crypto markets. For example, we used to check live crypto updates on an online crypto exchange app and decide to invest or exchange cryptocurrency after going through the latest updates of different crypto coins.

We all know that cryptocurrency news apps get the latest news updates regarding different cryptocurrencies. But we all don’t know what type of news we get and what else we can do by using an online crypto news app. You can benefit from other features of an online crypto news app. Yes, an online crypto news app has various unique features, which are as follows:

Track crypto portfolio –

Using an online crypto news app, you can track your cryptocurrency portfolio. In addition, you can check your crypto coins’ whole amount and value across different wallets, platforms, exchanges, and blockchains to manage a crypto portfolio by allocating funds to various financial investment products available.

Crypto live price updates –

You can keep yourself updated with cryptocurrency’s live prices. You can set crypto price alerts for your favorite crypto coins you are interested. You will get notified by the online crypto app when there will be any change in prices of one of the most favorite cryptocurrencies. So that when you will go through the crypto prices and realize that this is the right time to invest, then not wait for a second and take your final step by using your crypto skills.

Compare crypto assets –

You can track bitcoin and based on your observation and analysis you can compare different crypto assets in bitcoin value or any other crypto value by using an online crypto news app. You can compare the crypto assets based on market statistics, rankings, volume, and market capitalization.

Convert crypto and fiat currency –

You can convert crypto and fiat currency using an online crypto news app. The crypto news app allows its users to convert to fiat, crypto to crypto, or crypto to other precious metals with the help of its price converter.

Create watchlists and Updates –

You can create your personalized watchlists and set alerts for your favorite updates by using an online crypto news app so that you can track your portfolio just after getting the updates and analyzing the watchlists.

Change your account settings anytime –

The online crypto news app offers flexible account settings to its users. So that they can change their profile and account settings anytime, they want to.

Worldwide crypto stats –

You can get the latest updates about global cryptocurrencies stats by using an online crypto news app.