How Dust Control Towers Can Help Your Construction Company

The air quality of a worksite should never be overlooked. While making a profit might be your number one objective for your organization, the health of your workers should be your priority hence the need for dust control towers at your work site. BossTek continues to offer dust control solutions in line with OSHA requirements to ensure your workers are always protected. They offer industry-leading equipment to improve safety standards while controlling the air quality. Next, let’s look at how using dust control towers can benefit your construction company.

Dust control towers are portable

Dust control towers are portable and convenient with very low maintenance. Moving the dust collector system often to adapt to the changes at the worksite makes removing dust in the air easy and more effective. The towers can also be moved around to perform in enclosed areas with machines that produce hazardous dust.

They take up less floor space

Most construction work sites have limited space to install large dust control equipment. It is therefore hard to accommodate a large multifunctional dust collector. Fortunately, dust control towers do vary in size to meet the different space requirements. This means you can easily position the tower against a wall while staying clear of job duties.

Dust control towers are versatile

The air in construction sites can be easily compromised by some hazardous building materials. Dust control towers can also help eliminate the dangerous dust and toxic fumes. Therefore, your employees are safe from any health risks and can perform their jobs well.

Helps protect the neighboring environment

The dust tower units help keep dust and odor from entering the air stream and possibly escaping to the neighboring environment. There are different sizes of dust control towers that can be customized based on the needs of a specific application and location.

They can easily be adjusted to address a specific particle

Dust control towers can be adjusted to serve specific environments. For example, when it comes to slag handling, where the dust elements are small, the dust control tower can easily be adjusted to produce a smaller water droplet. In other situations, there is a need to reduce the flow of the moisture to protect the moisture-sensitive materials. This is often the most effective dust suppression since the dust particles, and the water droplets are almost the same size.

Dust control towers are fully automated

The network includes sensors in automated dust control towers to monitor both winds as well as weather details. They are fitted with customized software along with programmable logic control through a computer. The system can be programmed to start and stop the cycles based on the monitor readings, weather input, and motion sensors. The automated technology allows the dust control towers to adjust their oscillation range automatically, among other features, to help improve the dust suppression efficiency and free up the workforce for other tasks.

Investing in a dust control tower helps improve the safety at your construction site. While there are many benefits of a dust control system, keeping your employees is the most important of them all.

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