Assessing Your Options – When to Print Yourself Vs When to Use a Professional

No matter what kind of business we run, we always need good quality labels and stickers for our products. These items are used for all kinds of purposes, such as branding, packaging, and promotions. If you are planning on printing or designing new labels, you have two options – do it yourself or call a professional.

Small Business Requirements – The primary benefit of DIY label printing is that you can print stickers or labels whenever you want. You also don’t have to worry about the quantity, you just print for your needs. If you don’t need a large quantity of labels, there is no need to visit a label shop (known as ร้านทำป้ายสินค้า in Thai). You can complete the task yourself if you have the right equipment. If you don’t have good quality printing material and equipment, you’ll need to invest in some.

If you are only selling a few products at a time, it makes sense to do it by yourself. Another good time to go it alone is when you are testing out new labels and you only need samples to compare.

Cost – When we think about printing labels, we must consider the cost. If you need a large quantity of stickers or labels, it makes sense to order from a commercial business. They have all the right equipment in place to mass produce at a much cheaper rate. Printing experts can now achieve high-quality custom-made labels and stickers for small projects, they don’t just specialise in big orders.

If you want to print labels or stickers in-house, you must consider the overheads. You will need to purchase items such as:

  • Ink
  • Label stock
  • Equipment and printer maintenance

If you have an issue with your printer, labels and stickers stop being produced. This problem can cause downtime and result in lost revenue.

Experience – When you hire a professional printing company, you get a team with plenty of experience in the industry. A good company can design labels and stickers at an affordable price. An established label printing and sign making shop specialise in modern production, they also focus on customer service to ensure their clients get first-class products on time.

A professional business can provide guidance to ensure you get the right type of product for your company. Printing labels and stickers in-house is expensive because you need good quality equipment plus the knowledge to get things done right. If you need large volumes of stickers or labels, you’ll save money with a commercial printing company.